A to Z Spiritual Gifts

A to Z Spiritual Gifts

The Complete Spiritual Gift Inventory

Download the Free Spiritual Gift Survey

The links to purchase the spiritual gifts test are down as of 05/24/2018. They should be back up and running in the next week.

The Bible has an amazingly complete list of spiritual gifts contained within its pages!  Many people are familiar with the spiritual gift lists contained in Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, and Ephesisans 4:11-12, but that is just the beginning. The A to Z Spiritual Gift Inventory contains a test and survey of all 26 spiritual gifts which are found in the Bible.   This free spiritual gift assessment is available to you for use in your personal life or your church.

Benefits of the A to Z Spiritual Gifts Inventory:

  • Explores all 26 spiritual gifts contained within the Bible
  • 130 questions to fully explore your gifts
  • Questions include Motivational, Behavioral, Affirmational, and Convictional questions
  • A to Z Spiritual Gifts Color Wheel™ (in the Bible Study & Inventory set)
  • A to Z Spiritual Gifts Bible Study (in the Bible Study & Inventory set)

Resources for you:


A free spiritual gift test for you, to use for yourself or with your entire church:
Click to get your free copy–>      The A to Z Spiritual Gift Inventory



The Enhanced A to Z Spiritual Gift Bible Study & Inventory includes the following elements:

  • Bible Study – A complete list of every spiritual gift in the Bible & their Biblical references, and in many cases, the related Greek words for each gift
  • Spiritual Gift Factoids  – nine facts about spiritual gifts that every Christian needs to know in order to approach the gifts with balance and intelligence
  • The Spiritual Gifts Color Wheel™ – shows the spiritual gifts grouped into seven categories and colors to understand their relationship to each other
  • The A to Z Spiritual Gift Inventory  – reproducible copies which you can use with your church or ministry team

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